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Which Camera to choose.


This is probably the question I have been asked the most over the 25

years I have worked as a professional photographer. I think the answer depends on your budget and

how much control you want to have with your camera. If you want the camera to just take the pictures for you there are a lot of very good point and shoot cameras you can choose from. I have experience with very few of them so I would look for one that is easy to learn with simple functions. You can purchase these point and shoot cameras with up to 16 mega pixels quite inexpensively. The good thing about these cameras is in the title, point and shot. The camera pretty much does everything for you. The bad thing of course is you have very little control of the results. Another problem with these point and shoot cameras is the short delay between the time you press the button to take the picture and the time the camera actually takes the picture. This doesn’t matter much when you are taking a picture of a beautiful lake but it is a big deal when you are trying to take pictures of children. The perfect moment is almost always gone before your point and shoot camera shutter takes the picture. This can be very frustrating. The point and shoot cameras of today have less of a problem with this delay than in the past but it is still there. If you would like to do a little research and review some of these cameras I recommend www.dpreview.com. This web site is the best reference I have found. .

Now, if you want to have more control over your camera and your photographs I would recommend you look into a SLR type camera. SLR means the camera has a mirror which enables you to view threw the same lens that takes the pictures. This is great because you can see what the pictures will actually look like including focus, depth of field , perspective and more. It also enables you to have interchangeable lenses for your camera. This gives you endless capabilities. I would recommend that you look a Cannon or Nikon brand cameras. These two are the biggest sellers, have the most lenses to choose from and other companies make lenses that work on their cameras.

I was all Nikon but switched to Cannon about four years ago. I have a couple of Tokina lenses for my Cannon 5D MarkII that I truly love. Again there are many choices for SLR Cameras so I would check out www.dpreview.com for some help with camera reviews and news about the latest cameras out.

Many and probably most of the SLR’s that you invest $600 to $1000 to purchase are very good. The problem is the lenses that come with these camera bodies are often not very good. A bad lens on a great camera is not going to take great pictures. I therefore recommend that you spend as much or more on a good lens or lenses than you do on your camera. A good lens will also still be a good lens on the next camera that you own. I will talk with you much more about lenses later. You may be better off purchasing you camera body separate from your lens instead of as a package. This will allow you to purchase the lens that will fit your specific needs the best.

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