Red Eye

Know one likes Red Eye in their  photographs.  It makes us all look like little devils.   Of course it can be corrected post production in photoshop or other retouching programs.  There are even some free retouching programs like Picassa. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could eliminate Red Eye when we take the pictures?   Yes you can do it.


First of all Red Eye in photographs is caused by the flash bouncing off the back of the eye.  Red Eye happens when the flash is too close to the lens.  The sad fact is when you take pictures with a built in on camera flash you likely are going to get Red Eye.  Especially in low light when the pupil of the eye is enlarged.


The solution is to get the flash at least four inches away from the lens or don’t use a flash.   Using a off camera flash like a vivitar or a sunpak flash  mounted on the hot shoe of your camera will solve the Red Eye problem.  If you have a point and shoot camera the only way to solve the problem is to turn the flash off on your camera and take your pictures with existing light.

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Steve Barrus

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