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Cropping photographs

Great advice for cropping photographs Words and images by Julie Waterhouse. The edges of your photograph are often the last things you pay attention to when clicking the shutter, but they are actually the first […]

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Red Eye

Know one likes Red Eye in their  photographs.  It makes us all look like little devils.   Of course it can be corrected post production in photoshop or other retouching programs.  There are even some free […]

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Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

by Derrick Story, author of 10/22/2002 Revised 09/06/2005, 11/05/03 You’ve heard this before: Digital cameras do all the work. You just push the button and great pictures magically appear. The better the camera, the better the photos. Isn’t that […]

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Selecting The Best Studio For Family Photography by Christopher S. Norwood

Family photography is one of the fastest growing segments of photography today. From documenting birthdays and anniversaries to purchasing maternity photography sessions before the new addition to the family arrives, more and more people are […]

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Top Ten Corporate headshots Suggestions For Business office Periods by willie wonka

1. Prepare your office session in progress for the photographer by offering the most significant bedroom you have obtainable. You undoubtedly want to have a quantity of discussions with your photographer in progress in purchase […]

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Sports Pictures

Sports Pictures $10 per person Each participant will have 5 individual shots full length to head shots and a sports photo on the disk.  (minimum 15 individuals) You don’t have to have boring photos for […]

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Look what came in the mail today! photography products

Our metal mural prints finally came in the mail today! Hoooray. It took 3 brains to figure out how to put them together (we need directions with PICTURES!…we are picture people remember?) We’re pretty happy […]

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Volunteer work with Preemie Prints

A few months ago I was contacted by someone to do some volunteer work for an organization calledpreemie prints.  They are a non profit organization dedicated to sharing hope with families experiencing the difficulties of life […]

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