Extended Family Pricing

This page is for extended families. If you have no married children go to our Family Portrait Prices Page.

  • You can purchase your digital images at full resolution.
  • Digital images are not retouched.
  • Retouching is free for Prints created by Barrus Photography, (Excludes inserting people not present on day of sitting)
  • Receive the retouched digital image by purchasing the digital file and ordering a 16×20 or larger print.
  • Each grouping is purchased a-la-carte so one smaller family can choose digital, one can choose traditional prints..
  • Steve will photograph any number of groupings at no extra charge.

Option 1: Own your images

Receive a DVD with the unretouched images from each grouping purchased.

Largest Grouping     $195

Small families     $45

All other groups     $25

Individuals      $10

Option 2: Prints made by Barrus Photography

Traditional retouched prints.
Click here for prices or scroll down past option 3.

Option 3: Combination of Digital Images and Print Purchase

Receive 40% off print prices when you purchase the digital images.

Special Bonus: Own the retouched version of your digital image!

Two requirements.
1. Purchase the digital images of your group.
2. Purchase a 16×20 or larger print at 40% off.
You will receive the retouched version of your 16×20 or larger print usable for high quality, retouched prints for the rest of your family, Christmas Cards, Social Media, etc.

Print Pricing

All prints ordered will be retouched.
Prints can be made at any size, priced at closest traditional size.

40×60 $1300
40×50 $1100
30×45 $895
30×40 $850
24×36 $610
24×30 $550
20×30 $380
20×24 $360
16×24 $310
16×20 $280
12×18 $175
11×14 $95
8×10 $28
5×7 $16
4×6 $10
4 Wallets $16

Each smaller family can choose which option works best for them individually.  One can choose to do digital, another can do prints, another can choose to not buy anything.