Family photo ideas and suggestions

Family photo ideas and suggestions

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way cool fall family portrait in the canyon

Choosing the right clothing for you family portrait can make all the difference in the world.  Please go to our family portrait gallery to see lots of great ideas.


Family photo Clothing

  • Emphasis should be on your faces so it helps to choose 3-4 colors of clothing for your group.
  • Bold colorful patterns are really popular right now. Mixing colorful with a neutral like tan or grey can be really striking.
  • Clothing should be solid or small prints and you need to dress head to toe.
  • Consider how your clothing will look when you are seated.
  • Socks should match your pants so when you sit in your family photo and your pant leg goes up your socks don’t stand out.


  • Digital really emphasizes shine and make people look sweaty. Please lightly apply bronzer, facial powder or baby powder including the men. Use it on receding foreheads as well.


  • Lenses may cause distortion and glare in your photographs.  If you prefer to wear your glasses, our photographers are trained to remove the lenses. We have a few empty frames you can wear instead. We charge to fix glass glare.


  •  Overcast days result in superbly lit photographs!  If it is raining or snowing, we cannot shoot outside, and since the weather changes constantly here, we are willing to wait until just before your sitting to see if the weather clears.


  • Sunlight and studio lights emphasize fly away hairs, so use a little hairspray on everyone but young children.


  • Most people want everyone looking in the same place, usually right at the camera. When other people are shooting at the same time, it is distracting to people being photographed, and they will be looking in different directions. You are not allowed to photograph at the same time if you are doing the $29 session. If you are doing the digital session, you may photograph at the same time but be aware there will be charges for any head swaps required because people are looking in different directions.

Please call the studio if you have any questions regarding family photo ideas, clothing selections, or other concerns. All members of our staff would be happy to alleviate any stress prior to your appointment to ensure you are extremely satisfied with your portraits!

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