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The most amazing family photos done in the Salt Lake Valley

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Beautiful Outdoor Family Photography

Beautiful Outdoor Family Photography

Barrus is the best family photographer he makes sure everyone looks good in the photo

Great Family

Utahs best Family Pictures

Beautiful Family

Greatest Family Photo taken in Sandy, Utah

Great Family Photo

Great Family Pictures with Extended Family

One Big Happy Family

Rimmasch Kristy2


Family Pictures 3.jpgFamily Pictures 4.jpgIMG_0069.jpgmcreavy 2.jpgMcReavy.jpgfamily portraits Edwards.jpgFamilies Palmer Lisa.jpgFamilies Palmer Lisa 3.jpgFamilies2  Palmer Lisa.jpgFamily portraiats Obrien 3.jpgFamily portraiats Steenbilk.jpgFamily portraits bernardo.jpgFamily Portraits Dea.jpgFamily portraits gibbs.jpgfamily portraits higbee.jpgFamily portraits parker.jpgfamily portraits Robins Lisa.jpgFamily portraits thompson Katie.jpgFamily Portraits Weenig 2.jpgFamily Photo 20.jpgphotographer portrait 5.jpgIMG_0029 (2).jpgFamily photograph 3.jpgFamily Photo 17.jpgFamily Photo 11.jpgFamily Photo 15.jpgFamily Photo 12 .jpgFamily Photo 13.jpgFamily Photo 14.jpgNelson M ST 0189.jpgFamily Photo 22jpg.jpgFamily Photo 24.jpgFamily Photo 5.jpgIMG_0016.jpgFamily Photo 32.jpgFamily Photo 4.jpgFamily Photo 6.jpgFamily Photo 7.jpgFamily Photo 9.jpgFamily photograph 1.jpgFamily photograph 10.jpgFamily photograph 14.jpgFamily photograph 15.jpgFamily photograph 16.jpgFamily photograph 19.jpgFamily photograph 30.jpgFamily photograph 7.jpgFamily photograph 9.jpgFamily Portrait 30.jpgFamily Portrait 32.jpgFamily Portrait 33.jpgFamily Portrait 34.jpgFamily Portrait 35.jpgFamily Portrait 4.jpgFamily Portrait 6.jpgFamily Portrait 7.jpgFamily Portrait 8.jpgFamily Portrait 9.jpgphotographer portrait 13.jpgphotographer portrait 17.jpgphotographer portrait 18.jpgphotographer portrait 2.jpgphotographer portrait 4.jpgphotographer portrait 6.jpgphotographer portrait 7.jpgphotographer portrait 9.jpg

family portraits

family portraits

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The best family photographers in utah

Best family photos in Utah

The best family photographers in Utah


best family pictures in Utah

Best family photography in Utah

best family portraits in utah




We understand that your family is the most valuable thing you have, which is why you should trust your family photos to the best professional portrait photographer in Utah, Barrus Photography! We have over 25 years of experience taking family pictures and are also one of the most creative portrait studios in the valley, not to mention the best value! We are excited to now offer your session and all your family pictures on CD. You own the copyright! We also have the option of sessions without the CD for people who are only interested in purchasing prints. We have so many options available for your family pictures. We have many indoor as well as outdoor sets here at our professional photo studio. There are also quite a few on location spots that we recommend for families. Check out our family pictures gallery to see which location you like best. Our family photographers, Steve Barrus and Jenny Gamboa, are sure to make your whole family smile with all their silly antics and are experts in extended family photos. Our studio will hold groups of up to 80, so even in bad weather we can still accommodate your large group! Call us today, your family photos are sure to be amazing!

Family pictures at their best


The best family photos in Utah

McCleary Family


Studio yard

Steed Family

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Wheeler Farm

Salt Family

The best family pictures in Utah

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Harley Davidson Store

Best family picture ideas in Utah

family photos, family pictures, family portraits, family photography

Wheeler Farm’s giant tree. Will your family fit?

Best Family portrait ideas






family photos, family photography, family pictures, family portraits

Wheeler Farm


family photos, family photography, family pictures, family portraits

Murray Park

Click here for more Family Photos from Murray Park

Murray Park family pictures

Murray Park

family portraits at wheeler farm

Wheeler Farm


fall family photos

 There are many family photos photographers to choose from but they are not all created equally! Choose Barrus Photography and you will have family photos  you will love and share with friends and family for a lifetime. Steve Barrus takes  the best family photos in Utah.

Steve has over 25 years of experience taking family pictures, yet he is always changing his family photos to reflect the current popular style. Don’t  choose someone who picked up their camera three months ago, choose Barrus

family photography at ledgemere

family photos on location

 Click here for more family photos from Ledgemere up Big Cottonwood Canyon

nook & cranny family portraits

We are an amazing value, you don’t need to pay top bucks for your family pictures If you are looking for high quality but fordable family photos you have come to the right place!  You can own all of your family pictures  for only as little as $195

river family photos

family photography utah

Steve is constantly researching the web and any other sources he can find find get new ideas for the coolest family photos on the planet.   One of the things that makes family pictures fun for Steve is trying out new interesting ideas.  He tries every session to create family pictures that he has never done before.

Best Family portraits in Utah

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Wheeler Farm

family photography, family photo, family picture, family portrait

Funky family portrait on red

family photography, family photos, family pictures, family portraits

Family portrait in canyon with young children pose idea

family photographyl, family photos, family pictures, family portraits

Cool family poses in canyon


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Thanks for visiting Barrus photography in Utah web site.  We are the family photographers to choose for the most amazing family portraits.  You will not be sorry when you choose Barrus for your family photos.  Your family portraits will be the best family portraits you have ever had.   Once you have come to Barrus photography portrait studio in Utah you will return time and time again for all of your family picture needs.   Absolutely the number one choice for your family photographers.

Steve’s favorite lens for family pictures is his cannon 70-200mm lens.   This is a great family picture lens because he can quickly go from a full length shot to a close up head shot.  It’s also a great lens for family photos because with the 200mm focal length he can get those beautiful background out of focus pictures.   This effect gives his family photos almost a three dimensional  look. This is a look that the normal eye cannot see.  Steve likes to present to the viewer a view of the  world that he or she is not ever seen before.  Another way to create this look in family photos is by using the lowest possible aperture the lens has to offer.  Steve’s second favorite lens for family photos is his 35mm wide angle lens.  He likes this lens for family photos for the same reason he likes the 200mm lens.  It also gives the viewer a look at the world in a way that the normal eye cannot see.  The 35mm lens of course gives steve’s family photos a wide look.  This is a very fun perspective especially when shooting from a high angel.  Steve loves to shoot family photos from very high and very low angles. family photos shots taken from ground level are very fun and exciting.  It especially makes men look strong and powerful.  family photos shots taken from a very high angel are also extremely interesting.  Steve has a ladder in the studio he love to use for taking shots from a very high angle.

Post production work on family pictures is what steve likes to call the second creation.  Taking the family pictures is the first creation.  The most important and first step in post-production is color correction.  Steve shoots raw family pictures images not jpgs because a raw file is almost like a negative.  It allows you to adjust the exposure and color balance post-production.  After the photographs are properly color corrected then the fun begins.  With photoshop there is a endless amount of manipulation that can be done on family photos images.  One of the most popular manipulations done on family photos images is “make me skinnier”.  Almost everyone wants to be a bit skinnier.  Get rid of my double chin is also very popular.  The most common retouching that is done on family photos images is blemishes removal and shine reduction.  family pictures fly away hairs can also be taken care of quite easily.  Sometimes we fix clothing.  For example when someone does not wear the right color shirt we can change the color of the shirt to match with the rest of the people in the photograph.  Retouch is only done at Barrus photography studio in Utah when we make the family picture prints.  When you own your own images and make your own prints there will be no retouching  done on the images.  That is why we recommend that even if you own your images you should have the most important family photos images printed by Barrus photography Action family picturesare also really fun to take and very exciting to see.  Steve uses a very fast shutter speed to stop the action in his family pictures.  The emotion that can be captured in action photography is killer cool.  Little snap shots of life can be captured in famiy pictures with action shots.  Laughing, jumping, running and walking are all action ideas that steve tries to capture with every shoot.