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One person Individual business shots 1 image retouched on the CD is $55

Additional images of the same person retouched on the CD are only $20


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Exceptional business photography. Great business head shots

Exceptional business photography. Great business head shots

Head shots at Barrus Photography are the best

Head shots at Barrus Photography are the best

IMG_0194 january 2016 team shot Jona # 165 color corrected

Exceptional business photography. Great business head shots

Exceptional business photography. Great business head shots

Beautiful Business Head Shots

Wonderful Head Shot

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professional head shot

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Tips to make sure your business shots look professional

Looking for a headshot or a buisness card picture? Barrus Photography is the right pick for all your buisness portrait photography needs. We have over 25 years of experience. Our headshot photographers, Steve Barrus and Jenny Gamboa, will make you feel comfortable and make your look gorgeous in your business headshots! Most sessions include about 15-30 buisness portraits to choose from. Our professional retouchers will make you look your best with our blemish and shine removal which is included on your business headshots. We can also soften wrinkles, whiten teethe and even make you look skinnier! You will love your buiness photos at Barrus Photography!  Click on the following link to see more great headshots    http://businessphotographyutah.com/

more business photography   http://barrusphoto.com/business-photography/

Best headshots photographers in Utah

headshot Images on Cd retouched.  You will look amazing.



Best business headshots  in Utah.  Click the following link to view more amazing business and modeling headshots  done by Steve at Barrus photography.    http://barrusphoto.com/headshots/

Coolest modeling and business headshots in utah


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Many headshots sets and backgrounds

Indoor and outdoor headshots backgrounds

Check out more great headshots taken be steve 


Steve has over 25 years of experience, yet is always changing his head shot photos to reflect the current popular style. You don’t need to choose someone who is inexperienced to have unique headshot photos!

There are many headshots photographers to choose from but we are not all created equally! Choose Barrus Photography and you will have headshots that will set you apart from the competition.  Steve Barrus is the best headshots photographer in Utah.

Steve is constantly researching the web and any other sources he can find find get new ideas for the coolest headshots photos on the planet.   One of the things that makes headshots fun for Steve is trying out new interesting ideas.  He tries every session to create headshots  that he has never done before.

Steve will gladly go to the  location of choice but problably the best place for your headshots is right here at our studio.   We have indoor traditional backgrounds and beautiful winow light backgrounds for your headshots.  We also have indoor and outdoor options.   Our outdoor gardens are incredibly beautiful with flowers and mountain looking trees and hills.

great headshots photosclassic business portraits

You will get every possible look indoor and outdoor at our studio for your headshots.

We will take headshots of you that will separate you from the  competition in your field.  Headshots do not have to be boring.  Our head shots will be taken in our studio and at different sets outside of our studio.    You will truly love the head shots taken at our studio.   One of the things that makes the headshots taken at our studio different is the different lenses steve uses to take the headshots.  For example when steve uses a long focal length lens to take your headshots the background will become blured out.  This has a really cool effect.  It makes your headshot stand out from the background.  It make your headshot appear like you are an object in a three dimensional space.   Another thing that makes your headshots stand out is the different angles steve uses to take your headshots pictures.

Steve’s favorite lens for headshots photos is his cannon 70-200mm lens.   This is a great headshots photos lens because he can quickly go from a full length shot to a close up head shot.  It’s also a great lens for headshots photos because with the 200mm focal length he can get those beautiful, background out of focus, pictures.   This effect gives his headshots  photos almost a three dimensional  look. This is a look that the normal eye cannot see.  Steve likes to present to the viewer a view of the  world that he or she is not ever seen before.  Another way to create this look in headshots photos is by using the lowest possible aperture the lens has to offer.  Steve’s second favorite lens for headshots photos is his 35mm wide angle lens.  He likes this lens for headshots photos for the same reason he likes the 200mm lens.  It also gives the viewer a look at the world in a way that the normal eye cannot see.  The 35mm lens of course gives steve’s headshots  photos a wide look.  This is a very fun perspective especially when shooting from a high angel.  Steve loves to shoot headshots photos from very high and very low angles. Headshots photos shots taken from ground level are very fun and exciting.  It especially makes men look strong and powerful.  Headshots photos shots taken from a very high angel are also extremely interesting.  Steve has a ladder in the studio he love to use for taking shots from a very high angle.

the best headshots pictures in utahicro headshots photos is also one of steve’s funnest types of wedding photos.  Micro photography means close up photography.  In micro wedding pictures we get to see the most minute little details.   These extreme close up headshots  photos shots also give the viewer a very fun and different look at the word.  Steve really loves extreme close up photography.

Post production work on headshots photos is what steve likes to call the second creation.  Taking the headshots photos is the first creation.  The most important and first step in post-production is color correction.  Steve shoots raw headshots  photos images not jpgs because a raw file is almost like a negative.  It allows you to adjust the exposure and color balance post-production.  After the photographs are properly color corrected then the fun begins.  With photoshop there is a endless amount of manipulation that can be done on headshots photos images.  One of the most popular manipulations done on headshots photos images is make me skinnier.  Almost everyone wants to be a bit skinnier.  Get rid of my double chin is also very popular.  The most common retouching that is done on headshots photos images is blemishes removal and shine reduction.  headshots photos fly away hairs can also be taken care of quite easily.  Sometimes we fix clothing.  For example when someone does not wear the right color shirt we can change the color of the shirt to match with the rest of the people in the photograph.  Retouch is only done at Barrus photography studio in Utah when we make the headshots photos prints.  When you own your own images and make your own prints there will be no retouching  done on the images.  That is why we recommend that even if you own your images you should have the most important headshots photos images printed by Barrus photography

Action headshots photos shots are also really fun to take and very exciting to see.  Steve uses a very fast shutter speed to stop the action in his headshots pictures.  The emotion that can be captured in action photography is killer cool.  Little snap shots of life can be captured in headshots photos with action shots.  Laughing, jumping, running and walking are all action ideas that steve tries to capture with every shoot.

Steve moves very quickly when taking headshots photos.  He has so much experience that he doesn’t have to take a lot of time figuring out how to take each photograph.  He doesn’t take ten shots of the same picture.  He takes lots of different pictures.  If he does take more than one shot at any particular location it will be at a little different angle or possibly a closer shot to give the shot a different look.  With steve you will get lots of unique amazing shots.  You might feel like that was fast.  Yes it was fast, but the pictures will be incredible.  Steve’s speed is especially important when things get running late.  Which they do a lot.  He can still get the important shots in a short amount of time if necessary.


Thanks for visiting Barrus photography in Utah web site.  We are the senior photographers to choose for the most amazing senior portraits.  You will not be sorry when you choose Barrus for your engagement photos.  Your engagement portraits will be the best engagement portraits you have ever had.   Once you have come to Barrus photography portrait studio in Utah you will return time and time again for all of your engagement picture needs.   Absolutely the number one choice for your engagement photographers.



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