Cute Maternity Photos ideas

Cute Maternity photos ideas

Beautiful maternity photo with older sibling

Beautiful maternity photo with older sibling

Cute Maternity Photo ideas

What will that baby be, HE or SHE?

cute maternity photos ideas

cute maternity photos ideas

Maternity Pictures of Mom and Baby

Every pregnant woman has a beautiful glow, there were moments in my pregnancy when I wanted to capture the perfect picture of that glow with a maternity photographer. I tried to take weekly pregnancy pictures but I always felt silly.  I finally decided to research cute maternity photos and different maternity poses that I liked.  My favorite maternity picture was of a woman standing straight at the camera with her hands around her darling belly.  Then after the baby was born she went back to the photographer and had the same shot taken with her standing straight at the camera and holding her baby with her arms in the same position, with the baby in her hands. That is the essence of a good maternity photograph, capturing the miracle of pregnancy and birth.


Maternity Pictures with the Father

Deciding whether to bring the father to a maternity photo session is a tricky one.  Most of the time any guy will make up any excuse, even offer to do those odd and end jobs like setting up the crib, or paint the nursery to get out of the maternity photo session! When we had our maternity photos taken the photographer asked my husband to whisper sweet nothings into my ear and all I heard was, “why do we have to take these silly pictures of your pregnant belly!?”  Now whenever I look at those maternity pictures I smile remembering how we were both laughing after he was complaining because it was so funny. I also treasure those maternity pictures with the two of us the most because my husband was  so sweet throughout my pregnancy.


Maternity Pictures with Children or Siblings

Bringing your older children to a maternity photo session is also a really fun way to include the family on the newest member.  Some of my favorite maternity photographs are of a mom and a little toddler kissing her belly.  It is also a cute idea to tell the gender of your baby to your kids by hiding a color of frosting, either blue or pink, in a cupcake and then standing by ready with a camera to take pictures of your kids as they bite into the cupcake and find out what gender their new baby sibling is going to be!


Some of the other positions that I chose were the amazing creative ideas from Jenny over at Barrus Photography.  Check out their maternity page for great ideas, or to book a session!

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by  Carlie Barrus