Newborn photo ideas and newborn poses

Newborn photo ideas and newborn poses


The greatest of all my newborn photo ideas would be to find a professional (such as myself, you can check out my gallery here!) Newborn photography is like most things…it looks easier than it is!

But if you do decide to go the D.I.Y. newborn photography route, here are a few tips.


1. Take your newborns pictures before they turn 2 weeks old.

  • Babies are much more sleepy and much more bendable (pose-able) in their first 2 weeks. This is actually very important for an easy, successful newborn photo shoot.

1. Be ready to go with the following items.

  • Small space heater: Many newborn poses are done with a naked baby. A WARM baby is a HAPPY baby!
  • Binkie and/or bottle: An upset baby can often be soothed with a binkie or a bottle. You can even pose them and just plop the binkie out right before you take the picture. As long as you have a camera without a delay this should work great!
  • Camera: Obviously! You can check out all our camera recommendations here.
  • Lighting: Chances are, if you are doing your own picture, you don’t have any kind of lighting, which means you need to find a window! Preferably a north facing window so that the light is soft and not harsh. You will most likely need to use the flash on your camera to fill the light in a bit, I recommend you put your flash on the lowest setting possible. Flash on camera is NOT good newborn photography light, it is too harsh, so you want the smallest amount possible.
  • Wipes for cleanup: Naked baby…..enough said.
  • Backgrounds and props: I will talk more about this below.


2. Start with a well fed sleeping baby.


  • Undress you baby completely. If you’re feeling a little nervous you can lightly wrap a diaper around their body. You should also very lightly wrap them in a soft blanket so they will stay warm while you…
  • FEED THEM. Plan your pictures for a time they usually eat a lot and hopefully fall asleep after.
  • Cross your fingers. If all goes well your baby will be asleep. If you want to be extra sure they have entered a deep sleep you can lift their arm and see if it drops without them wiggling. Now you can just unwrap them and pose them right away! I use the space heater pretty close to them wherever I am posing them so they stay warm when they are unwrapped.
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3. Posing your baby.

  • There are so many ridiculously cute newborn baby props out there, but pretty much regardless of what you are laying your baby in or on they will be in some form or another of this:
  • Laying on their belly, head resting on arms with legs tucked under body and bum up in the air. To get them in this postion, gently lay them on their bellies and while holding their head with your hand, pull their arms up and gently place their head on their arms. It works best if both arms are up. Then tuck their legs underneath their body.
  • The basket hang: To get them into this position you need to first create a nest of support for them inside of the basket. There should be a small cozy hole for them to fit into. Gently push them strait down into the basket with their legs crossed. Then hang their arms over the edge and gently rest their head on their arms.
  • The newborn hanging pod:This is probably one of the most tricky ones, it can take a few attempts to get them strait and comfortable. Cross their ankles and place them down in the pod as strait as possible. You can either hang their little hands over the edge and rest their chin on their hands, or sometimes I pull one elbow out and let them rest on just one arm.
  • Laying on back.Newborns don’t usually like being on their backs unless they are wrapped up because they feel insecure, so if you are going to lay them on their backs you should wrap them up in something.


4. Take different angles and focal lengths

  • My favorite thing about newborn photography is that once they are posed you can take so many different pictures!
  • You can zoom in
  • zoom out

  • Tilt your camera


  • Stand above the baby
  • or even crouch down and shoot up from below.
  • The possibilities are endless. Isn’t it great having a completely still model? Hurry and shoot lots of pictures before they wake up!


5. Reward yourself for a JOB WELL DONE……or if things don’t go quite as planned give me a call! 😉 I’d be happy to capture tons of newborn photos of your adorable new bundle of joy! We have 30 min sessions for $85 which you can book online here. Or 60 min. sessions you book by giving us a call at 801-562-0690.